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Education in Pushkin (page 3 of 3)

02/26/2016 06:40Russian school janitor makes stunning 'snow paintings'    ( Sun Times National )
One day, he decided to draw images for the children up in the windows to see — poet Alexander Pushkin, fairy tale animals and beautiful vignettes, ...
02/22/2016 23:11Russian school janitor's 'snow paintings' make him an Instagram star    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
But as the first lesson begins, the janitor takes a broom and goes to draw his morning painting – a portrait of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.
12/07/2015 23:35Mayweather on Comeback: Health More Important To Me    ( )
By Vadim Pushkin ... Mayweather described Russia as a "very strong country" and said he was very interested in opening a school in the country to ...
10/10/2015 07:35Children celebrate Russian literature with plays, poems and performances    ( Worcester News )
"Last year they participated in the educational programme at the Alexander Pushkin museum in Mikhailovskoe in the Pskov region of Russia and this ...
09/22/2015 20:10Professor's Bookshelf: Priscilla Meyer    ( The Wesleyan Argus )
Nabokov had translated “Eugene Onegin,” which is, you know, the great monument; it's like, Pushkin is Russia's Shakespeare, and “Eugene Onegin” ...
07/27/2015 01:05Mercer: A new era of monument men and women - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Marsha-mercer    ( Richmond Times-Dispatch )
Russians are not content with promoting Pushkin in Russia alone. A full-length statue of Pushkin is on the campus of George Washington University ...
06/09/2015 14:0014 Days in Russia to Unravel Higher Education   (Pakistan Observer)
Despite being expensive and language barriers, one can find a lot of people from around the world walking in Arbat Street, Red Square, Pushkin ...
05/08/2015 06:00Debate targets Ukraine: who's to blame for this tragedy?   (Basement Medicine)
Strokanov was named “Best Teacher of Russian Humanities Abroad” in a contest conducted by the Pushkin Institute in Russia in October 2014.
04/10/2015 21:20What Russians really think   (Financial Times)
Many in the west see Russia as aggressive and brainwashed. .... who has been teaching foreign students Russian at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow ...
12/06/2014 07:35Ruling Russia Has Never Been Easy. Cheap Oil and Sanctions Don't Help   (Bloomberg)
If Pushkin comes to shovekin, will the normal people currently enraptured ... Russia's budding entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists might enjoy ...
11/20/2014 23:00Interactive Russian lessons for foreign youth   (Russia Beyond the Headlines)
Every day instructors from the Pushkin Institute will give hour-long Russian ... for promotion of Russian language and Russian-language education.
11/18/2014 10:10Foreign exchanges: From Russian saunas to French expletives   (The Independent)
They say that school exchanges are there to open you up to new experiences but, aged 14, in the small town of Pushkin in Russia, I found my limit.
10/31/2014 19:31Russia via Brazil   (Jerusalem Post)
Pushkin is part of my childhood, as is education and Israel. ... Bringing to the stage 19th-century Russia, with all its cultural richness, art, poetry, ...
10/31/2014 17:31Washington reunites with 'Training Day' director Fuqua for 'Equalizer'   (Lebanon Daily Record)
Rather than disappear into the night, McCall continues to strike at the Russian mob, furthering enraging its leader, Vladimir Pushkin (Vladimir Kulich).


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