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05/16/2018 21:45Navalny's 45 days in jail, Chechnya's new terrorism case, and Russia's latest criminalization    ( Meduza )
Russia opens a controversial bridge to Crimea; Alexey Navalny gets 45 ... Navalny was detained in Moscow at Pushkin Square, where he organized ...
05/16/2018 01:55Draft 'counter-sanctions' are a go, Russia's latest 'criminalization,' and Dmitry Medvedev's big ...    ( Meduza )
Khodorkovsky founded Open Russia and transformed it into a political ... demonstrators at Pushkin Square, as police officers mostly looked the other ...
05/12/2018 06:30The smear that killed the 'reset'    (Yahoo News)
Russian opposition leader Navalny appears in court over protest - Yahoo News
05/11/2018 14:35The investigation of the murder of Israeli Verevskiy: restraint for the accused can be changed    ( The Koz Times )
Editorial received a reply from the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on investigation of the murder of Michael Verevskiy ...
05/06/2018 22:35Russia: Anti-Putin protesters arrested    ( Oneonta Daily Star )
Police seized Navalny by the arms and legs and carried the thrashing activist from Moscow's Pushkin Square, where thousands were gathered for an unauthorized protest. Police also used batons against protesters who chanted "Putin is a thief!" and "Russia will be free!" Demonstrations under the ...
05/06/2018 22:35Hundreds arrested in Russia amid anti-Putin protests    ( Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog) )
Russian police detain a protester at a demonstration against President Vladimir Putin in Pushkin Square in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, May 5, 2018. Thousands of demonstrators denouncing Putin's upcoming inauguration into a fourth term gathered Saturday in the capital's Pushkin Square.
05/06/2018 22:35Nearly 1600 reported arrested in Russian anti-Putin protests    (ABC News)
Hundreds arrested at anti-Putin demonstrations in Russia - ABC News
05/06/2018 06:25'He is not our czar': Nearly 1600 arrested — including Putin rival Navalny — in Russian protests    ( Orlando Sentinel )
... with street protests across Russia, defying a heavy police presence that detained more than 1,600 demonstrators. Police dragged the organizer, 41-year-old opposition leader Alexei Navalny, out of the Moscow rally by his arms and ankles minutes after he arrived. Protesters packed Pushkin Square in ...
05/06/2018 06:25Hundreds arrested in Russia amid anti-Putin protests    ( Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog) )
Protesters shout anti-government slogans holding small posters reading ' Russia is us!', 'I'm over it' at a demonstration against President Vladimir Putin in Pushkin Square in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, May 5, 2018. Russians angered by the impending inauguration of Vladimir Putin to a new term as the ...
05/06/2018 06:25The Latest: Russian police block off St Petersburg avenue    ( Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog) )
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, center, argues with fighters of National Liberation movement during a demonstration against President Vladimir Putin in Pushkin Square in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, May 5, 2018. Thousands of demonstrators denouncing Putin's upcoming inauguration into a ...
05/06/2018 06:25Police detain Russia's opposition leader Alexei Navalny at a Pushkin Square demonstration ...    (Midland Reporter-Telegram)
The Latest: Over 1000 arrested in anti-Putin protests - Midland Reporter-Telegram
05/05/2018 14:25Pushkinskoye police officer detained for extorting $79.4 thousand from an entrepreneur    ( )
Head of the Investigative Department of the Municipal Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Pushkinskoye Artur Kovalev Photo: Official site of the ... Earlier, The CrimeRussia reported that Lieutenant-Colonel Sergey Golishnikov, Chief of Pravdinsky police department of Pushkin district, was found ...
05/02/2018 06:35How you say... ?    ( kenwoodpress )
We've been to Russia twice – once in November when the weather was gray, rainy and very cold, and yet people had left fresh flowers on Tchaikovsky's grave at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in St. Petersburg, and at the base of a statue of Pushkin, the poet who died in a duel in 1837. The same was ...
04/10/2018 10:35Putin Is Destroying Russia For Short-Term, Unsustainable Glory    ( Tsarizm (blog) )
Russia reached the apogee of its success during the reign of Catherine II (the Great), who died in 1796. During her tenure, Russia rose to become one of the great European powers, a role her successors, all of them, managed to squander. Pushkin, writing in the 1820's, remarked that after Catherine, ...
04/08/2018 03:40A revolutionary road: remembering Mikhail Ugarov, the father of Russia's radical new drama ...    ( The Calvert Journal )
Theatre director, writer and teacher Mikhail Ugarov, who died in Moscow this week, set up and led the revolutionary Teatr.doc, wrote beautiful plays, inspired hundreds of young artists and changed the fabric of Russian theatre. Critic and writer John Freedman, who knew Ugarov for over 20 years, reflects ...
04/02/2018 04:30The Heist of the century: in Russia, people in masks attacked a cafe and ordered only dumplings    ( The Siver Times )
Money in cafe was not. In the Russian city of Yekaterinburg yesterday evening, unidentified men robbed a cafe “Batch” in the city center on Pushkin street, 12, reports the with reference to About the incident in social networks said one of the creators, chef Vladimir Olnitsky, ...
03/29/2018 07:20Putin faces rare public protests as anger grows over fire deaths    ( )
Shrines of flowers and candles have sprung up in cities across Russia in memory of those killed during what was the country's deadliest fire in a decade. ... In Moscow, several thousand people laid flowers and light candles at an improvised memorial on Pushkin Square, not far from the Kremlin. A chant ...
03/28/2018 15:30Distraught locals demonstrate after Russian mall fire where at least 41 children died    ( New Zealand Herald )
The disastrous blaze joins a long list of accidents, fires and sinkings in Russia marked by apparent negligence beforehand and inept or insufficient response ... In Moscow, opposition leader Dmitry Gudkov on Facebook called for Muscovites to rally at Pushkin Square to lay flowers and mourn the dead.
03/28/2018 15:30Russian court upholds injunction blocking Navalny's video    ( ABC News )
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, center, and his wife Yulia, right, gather with other people to commemorate the victims of a fire in a shopping mall in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, at Pushkin square in Moscow, on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Several Russian cities including Moscow hold rallies ...
03/27/2018 07:35No laughing matter: The Death of Stalin and Putin's anxieties    ( Pursuit )
Vladimir Vladimirovich is already “the longest serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin.” Stalin died in office at the tender age of 74. Putin will be 71 if he finishes his new term. While the President might be as great as the poet Alexander Pushkin, with whom he shared second place in a recent ...


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