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03/28/2018 15:30Distraught locals demonstrate after Russian mall fire where at least 41 children died    ( New Zealand Herald )
The disastrous blaze joins a long list of accidents, fires and sinkings in Russia marked by apparent negligence beforehand and inept or insufficient response ... In Moscow, opposition leader Dmitry Gudkov on Facebook called for Muscovites to rally at Pushkin Square to lay flowers and mourn the dead.
03/28/2018 15:30Russian court upholds injunction blocking Navalny's video    ( ABC News )
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, center, and his wife Yulia, right, gather with other people to commemorate the victims of a fire in a shopping mall in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, at Pushkin square in Moscow, on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Several Russian cities including Moscow hold rallies ...
03/27/2018 07:35No laughing matter: The Death of Stalin and Putin's anxieties    ( Pursuit )
Vladimir Vladimirovich is already “the longest serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin.” Stalin died in office at the tender age of 74. Putin will be 71 if he finishes his new term. While the President might be as great as the poet Alexander Pushkin, with whom he shared second place in a recent ...
Incidentally, while doing so, they had their backs turned towards Alexander Pushkin's statue, a key symbol of Russian literature and culture. While Pushkin may have been turning in his grave at this bizarre sight, a commercial ran on Soviet TV in 1990 rightly claimed that the “new generation [of Soviet ...
03/22/2018 18:45Onegin: A little Russia, a little rock 'n' roll    ( Saskatoon StarPhoenix )
Pushkin's novel-length poem Eugene Onegin is a Russian classic, a coming-of-age story about a jaded, entitled city boy who's forced to the country to take care of affairs after his uncle's death. There, he meets Tatyana Larin. She soon declares her love for him in a letter but he rejects her affection.
03/08/2018 16:15“The Death of Stalin” Will Make You Choke on Your Laughter    ( Village Voice )
The genocidal Stalin is a hero again in Russia, with approval ratings through the roof; he polls ahead of Pushkin and Lenin and Peter the Great and even Putin the Poisoner. (Ianucci's film has been banned in Russia; then again, so was Seth Rogen's The Interview.) Meanwhile, a host of imitators and ...
02/26/2018 18:50“Young people gathered to voice a silent reproach”: Dmitry Borisov's closing statement in court    ( Open Democracy )
Borisov is a defendant in the so-called “26 March Case”, involving various “forceful actions,” allegedly taken by protesters against policemen and Russian National Guardsmen on Pushkin Square during March 2017, rally inspired by Don't Call Him Dimon, a video exposĂŠ by anti-corruption activist and ...
02/26/2018 02:25Russians commemorate anniversary of slain politician Boris Nemtsov's death    ( Deutsche Welle )
Thousands of Russians marched on Moscow's streets to commemorate the third anniversary of politician Boris Nemtsov's assassination. Nemtsov, murdered in 2015, was ... More than 30,000 people were expected to participate in the demonstration at Moscow's Pushkin Square. Nemtsov's murder three ...
02/23/2018 18:20Corruption traditions adherers in Penza police    ( )
The Head of the regional Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) announced his forthcoming resignation. ... announced for the construction of the capital construction object – the administrative building of the Directorate of Internal Affairs (DIA) of the Penza Region in Pushkin Street in the city of Penza.
02/04/2018 00:00Sputnik and RT Coverage Minimizes Impact of 'Voters Strike' Protests    ( )
During and after “Voter's Strike” rallies held across Russia on Sunday, January 28, those protests were largely absent from the front pages of RT and ... Putin critic banned from running against President Vladimir Putin, was arrested while he was walking toward the protest on Moscow's Pushkin Square.
01/30/2018 22:50Head of Russian outlet RT says US foreign agent order hurts    ( WPXI Pittsburgh )
MOSCOW (AP) - The head of the Russian television channel RT wants the United States to live up to its ideals of freedom of speech. Yet American ...... to win a fourth term. He was wrestled to the ground and forced into a police bus as he walked toward the demonstration on Moscow's Pushkin Square.
01/30/2018 22:50Protests Across Russia Call For Boycott Of March 18 Presidential Vote    ( Hawaiipublicradio )
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was briefly detained Sunday after a scuffle with police, who seized him amid protests in various cities ... Party and has been disqualified from running for president — was wrestled to the ground by police near a demonstration at Moscow's Pushkin Square.
01/29/2018 15:05Russia's opposition leader arrested amid election protests    ( NIGERIAN TRIBUNE (press release) (blog) )
While on his way to the protest on Moscow's Pushkin Square, Navalny was wrestled to the ground and dragged into a police vehicle, according to a video posted on his Twitter page. Police had raided the Moscow headquarters of Navalny's grassroots campaign a few hours earlier, saying they were ...
01/29/2018 15:05The Latest: Russian protesters march past govt headquarters    (Times of Oman)
Russian police detain opposition leader Navalny at election protest - Times of Oman
01/29/2018 15:05Navalny supporters demand 'Russia without Putin'    (ABC News)
Top Putin opponent urges Russia protesters to act 'for yourself and your future' amid protests, arrests - ABC News
01/24/2018 22:50Armenians show another sign of disrespect toward Russia and those who died in struggle against ...    ( News.Az )
Armenians will erect a statue of Garegin Nzhdeh, who closely cooperated with fascist Germany and rose to a rank of a general in Hitler's bloodthirsty SS grouping, in Bulgaria's Pliska. Garegin's statue will locate among the monuments to Pushkin, Yesenin and Dostoyevskii. This is generally a disrespect ...
01/17/2018 14:55Statistics vs. Propaganda    ( The UCSD Guardian Online )
For example, commentators might say, “we deserve Crimea; we are an empire and we historically owned it,” or “You see, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Mayakovsky, wrote about Crimea as a Russian territory.” However, some relevant statistics that might have influenced political decisions, including that Russian ...
01/02/2018 07:00In Russia, children are dying with a diagnosis of “budgetary constraints”    ( (press release) )
In General, the pension policy of the Russian government expressed in the famous slogan: “Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin died at the age of 37, what did you do for the Pension Fund?” We are relentless liberal policy, in fact social fascism, when socially vulnerable populations economic policies are ...
12/23/2017 23:05Irish trade mission to Russia discussed potential Crimean investments    ( Irish Times )
The group had dinner that night at the elite restaurant Cafe Pushkin, which is renowned for its classical Russian cuisine, and some of the party went on a tour around the Kremlin and Red Square. On December 2nd, the delegation travelled to St Petersburg, Russia's second city and Putin's hometown, ...
12/19/2017 22:55The 26 March case: how Russia is cracking down on freedom of assembly    ( Open Democracy )
(c) Xinhua/SIPA USA/PA Images. All rights reserved. This article is part of our partnership with OVD-Info, an NGO that monitors politically-motivated arrests in Russia. On 26 March 2017, Russia witnessed the largest public protests for the last few years. According to different reports, between 36,000 and ...


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